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Moving in Grace: Elemental Earth Body - Rooting and Nourishing

With Hilary Lake

Moving in Grace is a way of Being
Guided by the Awareness of
our Interconnected Nature
Honoring inner and outer Diversity & 
Taking Action through Embodied Expression
Moving as Witnesses and Creators in the complexity of life.

This is a monthly meditation, movement and live music gathering on the 3rd Friday of each month as a space for us to be fully ourselves with the pulse of our bodies and the Earth. We will move what needs to be moved and celebrate being in the mystery of life together. There will be a guided somatic meditation into movement with improvisational musicians co-creating the pulse with us. 

Richard Adams will be joining us on his hand pan, singing bowls and drums and Su Eaton on her frame drum and with her majestic voice. Other musicians will join for future gatherings. 

We will honor our desire to feel connected to ourselves and others in a greater balance beyond our stories of disconnection and fear. We will realign our bodies and minds with the always changing flow of awareness within us as the elements, so we are more able to be present to, accept the reality of, and address the pain caused by oppression inside and outside of us. We will explore how our connection to the land through the elements can support our intimate and sensual relationship to ourselves, each other and to the beliefs of separation and difference that we carry and can choose to move beyond.

We'll focus on the Earth element this month as a way to support us to stay grounded and nourished through the holidays from the deep resource of our bones, ligaments and marrow in relationship to the stones, roots and core of the Earth. Honoring our ancestry and acknowledging we are re-creating our stories with each move and act we create. We will briefly touch on the other elements while returning our focus to the Earth throughout our time together. 

We will bring ourselves present, come into ourselves in meditation, drop into our connection with the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and move and sing with ourselves and each other into nourishing, expansive, sensual, playful, celebratory expression! 

Please come on time to join in an opening circle.

Cost: Sliding scale $10-$20

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