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Trauma & Yoga Workshop

What is trauma and how might we, as yoga students and yoga teachers, support those of us who have experienced trauma?

How can we make yoga classrooms sites of healing rather than places that may reinforce traumatic experiences?

Which yoga practices are best suited to help us heal from trauma?

Jacoby Ballard and Molly Kitchen are both E-RYT yoga teachers with thousands of hours of additional training and teaching experience. They have trained specifically in Trauma-Informed Yoga Teaching (Jacoby with Hala Khouri and Molly with the Trauma Center). Join them to learn more about this powerful and deeply important topic.

In this workshop you will gain a detailed understanding of trauma and ways we cope with it, as well as yoga teaching tools and skills to support those of us who have experienced it. These skills can also be applied to ourselves, so through this workshop you may gain a deeper understanding of the support you need and choices you have as a yoga student.

This workshop is suitable for yoga students, yoga teachers, and professionals who support those who have experienced trauma (bodyworkers, therapists, social workers, etc.). During the 4 hour program, there will be opportunities to practice yoga asana and breathing techniques in addition to lecture and discussion. Because of the powerful subject matter, we encourage each participant to take care of themselves.

This program is solely for professional development and is not intended as an intervention for those who have experienced trauma. Please be aware that talking about trauma, even in the context of a professional training, can be triggering.

$35 pre-registration. $45 day-of registration.  SIGN UP ONLINE