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Histories of Yoga: The Complexity and Evolution of Modern Practice

With Molly Kitchen

Is "yoga" a 5000 year old singular tradition, as some yoga teachers insist?Or is it a relatively modern synthesis of philosophy, gymnastics, and the interplay of colonization and globalization?

And what historical factors influenced the cultural development and exportation of yogic philosophy?

This in-depth workshop will explore these broad questions with both historical facts and a spirit of curiosity and study.

Over the past several years, yoga teacher Molly Kitchen has turned her discerning eye to researching the multi-layered histories that have created the varied yoga styles we practice today. Join her for rich inquiry and loads of information to strengthen your knowledge base about yoga's past, and how it informs both the present and the future of this dynamic tradition.

This workshop is the 3rd in a series of 6 workshops offered in partnership with the Adhikara Yoga School. These workshops are open to the public and may be purchased separately or as a series. For more information about the Adhikara Yoga School, click here.

Price: $35 pre-registration; $45 at the door; $175 for all 6. SIGN UP ONLINE