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Rage Drumming

A four-week series on Thursdays, October 18, 25, Nov 1 and 8.

Rage drumming was catapulted to the forefront of consciousness through the necessity of embodying our feelings and emotions. It is a practice of embodying and releasing internalized feelings and emotions through the simple act of hitting a pillow continuously with a set of drumsticks. Emoting, breathing, and verbalizing these feelings in unison with the embodied act of rage drumming is strongly encouraged. Rage drumming centers on four areas of focus: breathing, emoting, embodiment, and self-reflection. The workshop is broken into four units, with each of these topics serving as an area of focus. Conversation and discussion is ongoing throughout each of these units, but discussions will be centered on these areas of focus.

Pricing: Sliding scale: $40-$100. SIGN UP HERE

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Brian Kline (they/them) has been a special educator for the past 10 years, in many different public schools, including Fort River Elementary in Amherst for the past three, the Clarke School in Northampton, and in both New Orleans and South Korea. They have also played drums (both drumset and hand drums) for the past 23 years and have performed professionally. They are interested in engaging with community around furthering social awareness through therapeutic means. They hold firm beliefs that we must endure all energies and emotions, both “positive” and “negative” in order to live our lives to the fullest. They believe that when we pick and choose which emotions to attend to, we’re doing ourselves and others a disservice. They realize that the time is now and waiting is no longer an option.