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MOVING IN GRACE: Elemental Earth Body

A Monthly Meditation, Movement and Live Music Gathering

3rd Fridays, starting November 17

with Hilary Lake

MOVING IN GRACE is a way of Being, Guided by the Awareness of our Interconnected Nature, Honoring inner and outer Diversity & Taking Action through Embodied Expression,  
Moving as Witnesses and Creators in the complexity of life.

We will move what needs to be moved and celebrate being in the mystery of life together. There will be a guided somatic meditation into movement with improvisational musicians co-creating the pulse with us. 

We will bring ourselves present, come into ourselves in meditation, drop into our connection with the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and move and sing with ourselves and each other into nourishing, expansive, sensual, playful, celebratory expression! 

Please come on time to join in an opening circle.

Sliding scale $10-$20