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Yoga for All of Us: Considerate Sequencing for Bodies of Size/Injured Bodies

With Katie Beane

This workshop is taught through the lens of Ahimsa/radical welcoming,  offering a lot of tools, options, and language around offering cues that are accessible, physically and emotionally, to larger bodies/diverse shapes and sizes. Much of Katie’s teaching teaching draws from the work/training of Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes.

This workshop is the LAST in a series of 6 workshops offered in partnership with the Adhikara Yoga School. These workshops are open to the public and may be purchased separately or as a series. For more information about the Adhikara Yoga School, click here.

Price: $35 pre-registration; $45 at the door; $175 for all 6. SIGN UP ONLINE

Katie's Bio:  

Katie Beane (RYT 500hr) is a mama, yogini, energy worker, and Love Warrior. She loves a good belly laugh, spending time with her heart-tribe, reading great books under soft blankets, and unexpected adventures. Katie began practicing yoga and meditation while caring for her terminally ill mother and found refuge from great stress and grief on her mat. Since then, yoga has become her touchstone, guiding her into an new world of health and healing. Since beginning her practice, yoga has offered her a way to appreciate and celebrate her body and mind, stay centered—regardless of what life brings—and serve others from a grounded and grateful place.  

Katie brings a deep respect for bodies of ALL shapes, sizes, and abilities to her teaching and firmly believes that EVERY body can practice and benefit from yoga. She is committed to social justice and values the role yoga and mindfulness play in helping people see and speak the truth. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to all and to offering each student she encounters the opportunity to experience a greater sense of ease and alignment--physically, emotionally, and energetically. Katie incorporates breath, Reiki, meditation, and her sense of humor into each class.