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Yoga for Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery

These are harrowing times. On individual and collective levels, we are being asked to hold more than our physiology evolved to handle. The personal and collective traumas that fill our lives and our news feeds are wreaking havoc on every level - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual as well as interpersonal, communal, and societal.

We need tools and practices to support us in finding the way through this pain. We need ways to stay in dynamic balance - discharging what overloads and depletes us, while replenishing that which supports and sustains us. We need rituals which keep us present, conscious, and tuned-in when it can sometimes feel so necessary to tune out.

Enter the traditions of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. These robust lineages can offer us exactly what we need to ride the waves of intensity with intention, to skillfully navigate the terrain of our emotions with tenacity, and to offer us profound and truly sustainable nourishment on the long journey towards justice, healing, and liberation.

Join local teacher Jacoby Ballard and guest teacher Patty Adams (bios below) in a spacious exploration of what we need to stay in the work right now.

This workshop is open to all, but will be especially beneficial for:

  • Folks with experience in healing practices but who are beginning to explore the work of social justice, as well as change makers, visionaries, and service professionals seeking to make tangible and meaningful impacts in this political moment

  • Folks looking for new ways to approach their healing and recovery work

  • Folks seeking community as a source of connection, learning, and accountability

  • Folks excited about spaces of truth-telling, vulnerability, and mutuality

Together, Jacoby and Patty bring more than 40 years commitment to social justice and healing work. Jacoby Ballard is a white trans queer person living in Amherst, trying to support and nourish local and national social change work through yogic and Buddhist practices, herbalism, and political education, as well as educating and organizing embodied and contemplative communities in social justice practices and participation in movement building. Patty Adams is a cis fat queer white woman living in Durham, NC. She is committed to racial justice and collective liberation, and currently lives into those commitments as a mental health worker/therapist, yoga teacher, bodyworker, bilingual interpreter, organizer, sustainable social movement mentor, and anti-oppression trainer. She is the founder/organizer of Yoga for Queers and Misfits, a donation-based, inclusive community yoga space that has thrived in Durham since 2010. Patty focuses on transforming trauma and centering resilience through embodied practices, political education, and community building, and her work is rooted in an intersectional, anti-oppression framework.

Cost: $35 suggested.  SIGN UP ONLINE


Later Event: April 6
Restorative Yoga