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Nick Marchese

Nick Marchese inadvertently discovered yoga because he built a parachute and jumped off the roof of his house. Don't worry, he was only 13 at the time. A fractured sacrum and five years of severe, intermittent back pain lead him to the simple act of mindful stretching (yoga in disguise) prescribed by his (enlightened) chiropractor.  Yoga showed him that there are safer ways to take "flight". Few people believe him when he says he was in excruciating pain when trying to touch his toes in a forward bend, even though he was still six inches away. It's true. He can now touch his toes (and then some) without pain. Fortunately, he also now realizes that it doesn't really matter if you can touch your toes in a forward bend.

The real benefits of yoga are sometimes hard to see from the outside (your friends and family will notice). After 12 years of receiving the benefits of yoga, he was inspired to share this gift with others and has been doing so for more than 12 years. Nick would like to help dispel the  mystique, cliche and illusory obstacles to your full enjoyment of this timeless practice.