Megan Bathory-Peeler

Megan teaches Continuum Moving Inquiry at Community Yoga. This is a not a yoga class and has a different fee associated with it ($30 drop-in/$50 for both weekly classes). You may drop-in to these classes, though we also recommend that you contact Megan at or 413-772-0078.

Megan Bathory-Peeler  is a passionate somanaut. For 25 years, Megan has been exploring the frontiers of embodiment and human relationships - insatiably curious about what it means to live fully in a human body and within the human experience. Megan brings a deep level of integrity, creativity, compassion, and intelligence to her Continuum teaching. Based here in Greenfield, she guides her students and clients to make their own innovative discoveries, drawing on her skills as a Continuum teacher, somatic therapist/educator, performance artist, activist, and mother. She also teaches regularly in the Greater Boston Area and will start teaching in Europe in 2018.