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Faith Burrington Jones

Many who have worked with me have said that I provide a warm, safe, and understanding healing presence. I believe it is a privilege to work with those who are willing to work at healing their emotional selves. I call myself a mind, body, spirit therapist as I believe it is important to explore all part of the self in order to heal into wholeness. I team with the person to arrive at the best possible course of treatment for cognitive, emotional and spiritual imbalance. 

My specialties are: Addictions (dual-diagnosis); PTSD; Relationship Issues; Anxiety disorders.I have an advanced certification in addictions. I work with couples with addiction and relationship issues. I also run women's empowerment groups and have developed a Skillful Recovery Program for recovering addicts of all kinds.

With a background as a professional acupressurist, I may use mind-body therapy in treatment as I have found that many individuals hold much anxiety in their bodies and need to experience the release of cellular memory. I also use EFT (emotional freedom technique) unwinding, breathwork, expressive artwork and journaling.

To contact me, call 413-625-9770 or email me @