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Yoga and Mindfulness Toolkit for Yoga Service Providers Workshop

With Crystal McCreary

This workshop will introduce yoga service providers to embodied practices as tools to support themselves and the populations they serve to cultivate their internal (body, breath, and mind) and external assets (community and environment) for resilience and optimal learning. Key discussion elements of this workshop include:

·       The neurobiology of stress and its relationship to the social and emotional needs of communities and individuals suffering from toxic stress and trauma

·       Relevant definitions and explorations of yoga and mindfulness that clarify these modalities as tools to support the relief of stress, vitality in the body, personal agency in the mind, and empathy and a compassionate approach to thriving in community

·       Accessible 1-5 minute practices that yoga teachers can implement daily for self-care and the regulation of their own nervous systems (and their students) so that they can truly serve and support

·       A pedagogical approach that is student centered and emphasizes cultural competence to facilitate relevant, engaging and aim-driven yoga content that supports the development of life-long yoga practitioners

This workshop is the 5th in a series of 6 workshops offered in partnership with the Adhikara Yoga School. These workshops are open to the public and may be purchased separately or as a series. For more information about the Adhikara Yoga School, click here.

Price: $35 pre-registration; $45 at the door; $175 for all 6. SIGN UP ONLINE

Crystal's Bio: 

Crystal McCreary leads trainings and workshops for educators and service professionals to support wellbeing for themselves and those they serve. Having experienced yoga and mindfulness to be extremely effective techniques for cultivating vitality while a school teacher in Oakland, CA and in the South Bronx, Crystal’s mission is to support wellness in under-resourced communities and soothe the toxic stress that too frequently leads to health issues, thwarted human potential, and disharmonious communities. Learn more about Crystal, her trainings, services and retreats at