The Adhikara Yoga School Teacher Training

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Adhikara Yoga School at Community Yoga

What is the Adhikara Yoga School all about?

Led by Molly Kitchen and Jacoby Ballard, both experienced teachers at Community Yoga, Adhikara is a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

We teach Hatha yoga as a path to powerful positive social change. Our approach is rooted in inspiring, honest philosophy with an aim to encourage self-reflection, community engagement, and a more peaceful, just world for everyone.

Part of what makes our Yoga Teacher Training awesome and unique is that in addition to the usual 200hr curriculum (like alignment, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodologies), we also focus on trauma, cultural appropriation, and social justice topics. These are subjects we wish had been a part of our first YTT programs, and we've both since sought out many other trainings and teachers to help us learn more.

In addition, we host other highly-trained teachers who are experts in their fields and cover certain topics in depth, such as Anatomy, Cultural Appropriation, and Yoga Philosophy.

Now more than ever, yoga can be a tool for healing and positive social change, especially when we actually address some of the issues woven into the context of modern yoga.

What does Adhikara mean?

The Sanskrit word Adhikara can be translated to mean "the qualities of studentship". Yoga asks us to be students of ourselves--students of the great mystery and gift of being alive.

And we need some serious skills and resources to help us on the journey. 

So through yoga we learn and practice discipline, as well as adaptability; confidence, as well as humility; passion, as well as detachment.  

As we work with Adhikara, we gain discernment--the ability to self-reflect and choose the most appropriate tool for the job at hand.  

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